How we add value to our partner system integrator network

Deal Registration

If your organization is working on a deal with a prospect, we recommend you to use our deal registration services to “lock” the project. This gives you visibility up the value chain and OEMs are also informed about the development in this case. Once you register a deal with us, we will periodically follow up and assist you in achieving your objective of winning that deal. We use state-of-art CRM systems which will track your registered deals and allow you to build your future sales pipeline

Solution Design

If your organization is proactively working with clients, departments and contractors, our solution design team can partner with you to design the full stack of extra low voltage (ELV) systems: IT -Computing, Active & Passive Networks, IT Security, IP-PBX or TDM EPABX, Video Conferencing, Campus/Building outdoor/indoor cabling network, Audio Visual, CCTV, Building Access Control, External Access Control, Fire Alarm Systems, Building Management Systems. Once designed, we will share marked AutoCAD drawings, bill of materials, technical specifications and if required a detailed project report (DPR) which includes the design methodology.

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Client Presentations

We know that a low voltage project sales cycle involves numerous meetings, presentations, proof of concepts, and concept selling As your full stack ELV project partner, we will be there with you all the way We will even give visibility about your organization to the respective OEMs and also work with them to ensure that no stone is unturned in helping you achieve your sales objectives We have ready mode customisable presentations for most concepts including safe cities, unified commmunications, campus networks, city surveillance, campus building access control Reach out to us so we can customise the presentation for your client and your unique organisation

Supply Chain Solutions

We have a comprehensive realtime cloud ERP system which tracks each unique serial number once we receive visibility from the OEMs supply chain software. This allows real time tracking of your goods and also helps you plan for your deliveries to meet your project delivery committments. Using our 11,530 sq foot Asia Pacific logisitics distribution facility near Singapore international airport, we are able to service the region within 2-4 business days, subject to customs clearances in respective countries.

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Commissioning & Maintenance

We are not box pushers. In case you need help in commissioning and system integration, our certified commissioning  partner will be available for a nominal charge to undertake commissioning  activities. After you have handed over the system, we will work with you to create on AMC Рannual maintenance contract scheme with your customer so you get the benefits of annual revenue, while we ensure that all your products have adequate warranty coverage so you have complete pence of mind.


Periodically we conduct sales trainings, OEM certification programmes and other related offline and online activities part of your continuing education. This ensures that your knowledge is up to date and you can present the latest solutions to your clients. This also ensures that you have thought leadership in the system integration industry in your region with your core clients and become a trusted technology advisor to them for future projects & initiatives.

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